Table of Contents

  • Dear Global Citizen:  This section will range from current news to foreign affairs & my own experiences reporting abroad.
  • Minority Voices: I’ll uncover the hidden stories of minorities using my journalistic experience: their struggles, their fears, their successes. Topics will range from heart-breaking tales of encountering racism to second-generation children speaking about achieving the American dream. Discover the unreported side of the mainstream news here.
  • Social Activism: “Generation Me” & Philanthropy. While Millennials have been mockingly nicknamed “Generation Me”, research shows a powerful gravitation towards charitable giving and social activism. Millennials focus on larger societal needs rather than individual needs. This section will profile notable people making a positive impact in society, highlight different charities and social campaigns as well as discuss my personal experiences volunteering. I am currently developing my own philanthropy, so be on the lookout for that!
  • The Millennial Nomad: An ongoing photo story of all the places I have been fortunate enough to travel.
  • Life: Discover a little more about who I am as a person, what experiences have shaped who I have come to be.
  • Style:  Far from the most serious section in my blog, it is included purely to appease the right side of my brain. Having worked in retail periodically since I turned 17 & directed several local fashion shows, this page gives me the opportunity to highlight my favorite trends. If I’m being completely honest, this website originally started as a fashion blog during college, until I decided to dive into more socially imperative topics.
  • Resume & Contact: 24 & I can’t cook but I’m pretty alright at some other stuff… okay so the title is my questionable attempt at humor, but this one is pretty straightforward. Head to this page for my resume, portfolio and contact information for business inquiries.
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