Life of Bako: Fashion Q&A with Me

A month or so ago, a pretty influential fashion blogger/vlogger I follow on Instagram asked to do a fashion feature on me for his blog.

A month or so ago, a pretty influential fashion blogger/vlogger I follow on Instagram asked to do a fashion feature on me for his blog. Thought I would share my answers with you guys here as well!

Click here to visit his blog & read the full post!

Describe your fashion sense in 3 words.
Experimental, Trend-Driven, Everchanging

How much money do you approximately spend on clothes in a year? It varies per year but I try my best to practice minimalism. I have a rule that when I buy a new outfit, I’ll donate one I don’t really wear.

Online shopping or in store shopping? why?
I prefer shopping in store! While there is more of a variety online, a piece of clothing could look phenomenal in a picture or on a model & not as great when you actually put it on.

What piece of clothing do you spend your money on the most? (e.g. socks, jackets)
For me it would probably be heels, I have a nasty shoe addiction. After that comes jewelry, then beauty products & makeup.


Do you read fashion magazines at all? if yes, which ones & why? I will pick up Vogue/Cosmo once in a while but I draw most of my style inspiration from Instagram & Pinterest. I follow a few fashion blogs closely (including: That Girl Posh, Breath of Fresh Pair). I feel like for me that is a better alternative to fashion magazines because I actually get to see people who look like me, with my complexion, wearing new styles. It gives me a better understanding of what I could and couldn’t pull off.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 8.04.40 PM.png

Is it important to wear fashionable clothes? I think it’s crucial to always put your best foot forward, whether it’s in your clothing, attitude or work ethic.

What is your shoe size? 7

What kind of clothes do you usually wear?
I love dresses and trench coats. They are easy to put together but still edgy. My closet is made up of mostly black statement pieces that are easy to pair together.

Name the 3 stores you shop at most
Zara, Windsor, NastyGal

Do you have clothes from your culture? if yes, do you wear them at all?
A whole closet full! I love dressing up for weddings and other events. Plus I used to do pageants & bollywood dancing so I would utilize them a lot. I also think it’s fun to involve ethnic elements such as bangles or shawls in my everyday style.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 8.07.41 PM

Favourite fashion icon? (e.g. gigi hadid) Zendaya. Half the time she’s dressed boyish and the other half completely elegant. (That’s kind of how I tend to dress as well). Regardless, she kills it every single time.

What colour(s) suit you best?
Red, royal blue, hot pink. However my closet is mostly black & white. It’s easy and you can never go wrong.

What colours do you avoid?
Browns, nudes & certain yellows don’t suit me because I have a darker complexion.

What’s one thing that compliments your outfits really well? (e.g. headphones, scarf, hair colour, piercings, rings etc.)
I LOVE rings. Especially gold midis. Lately I’ve been into the bigger crystal rings you can find at Urban Outfitters or Free People as well.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 8.06.45 PM

As far as hair, I have a blonde balayage thing going on and I plan to keep it like that for a while.

On a bad day, what’s your go to? (trackies, all black etc.)
TBH I actually like dressing up more on bad days, it helps my mood. It’s one of my weird habits haha. On a casual day though I’d typically just wear Adidas.

Are you ‘tailored and tight’ or ‘loungey and loose’?
Tailored & tight

OK, heels: wedge? platform? flattie?
Thigh high boots till I die. When I die, I still want to be buried in them.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 8.07.34 PM

What should you buy right now, today?
Anything Huda Beauty.

Hoodies…yay or nay?
Personally, I prefer my Adidas black track jacket.

Handbag: massive tote or little clutch? why?
Totes for me. I like bigger accessories, plus I like to carry my planner and makeup with me. Recently though, I invested in an Adidas Runner’s Backpack and have been carrying that.

How often do you shop for clothes?
Not really a specific time as much as I’ll browse once or twice a month and see if I come across something I like. I never really go to the mall with the mindset that I NEED to buy an item. I feel like that helps me collect unique, quality items.

Best advice you’d give to someone struggling with their fashion sense? Just wear what you love & don’t question yourself. You could be wearing something absolutely atrocious but as long as you wear it with confidence I guarantee you’ll get at least one compliment.

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