Bucket List because #Wanderlust

○Skydive in Dubai

○Report from inside a war zone atleast once during my journalism career

○Dress up & attend Carnival in Brazil

○Become fluent in a new language & challenge myself to travel to a country where it is commonly spoken and only communicate in that language.

○Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

○Spend at least one month volunteering in a Third World country

○Paint the Taj Mahal while visiting it

○Swim with horses in New Zealand
○See the Northern Lights

○ Pray at the Blue Mosque in Turkey

○ Slide down the Great Wall of China

○ Eat authentic Thai food IN Thailand

○ Play Holi in Mumbai

○ Take a hot air balloon ride over Morocco

○ Tour the ancient tombs & visit the Great Sphinx in Egypt

○ Picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower

○ Road trip from the east to west coast of the U.S.

○ Make a wish in the Trevor Fountain of Rome

○ Ride the chair lift to the top of Capri.

○ Tour Venice in a gondola

○ Write a letter on Juliet’s house in Verona

○ Add to the love lock bridge in Paris

○ London, all of it

○ Get a selfie with a Malaysian Monkey in Kuala Lumpur

○ Attend the San Fermin Festival in Spain

○ Experience Burning Man in Nevada

○ See the Temple of Poseidon in Greece

○ Ride a helicopter through NYC

✓Watch Fourth of July fireworks in Chicago
✓Take a boat ride through Niagara Falls

✓Bike through old Montreal

✓See the Philadelphia Skyline from Loews Hotel rooftop
✓Bar Crawl through Philly’s Sips & watch Fourth of July fireworks during SummerFest in Penn’s Landing


✓Tour the Magic Gardens


✓Get a tattoo on South Street


✓Visit Seattle’s Pike Place Market, Great Gum Wall & first Starbucks


✓Gamble & walk the beach in Atlantic City


✓Visit Mall of Emirates & Burj Khalifa


✓Go to Jummah Prayer at Faisal Mosque & see a rainbow


✓Hear the Azan over the Margallas

✓Snorkel in Devil’s Den underground spring

✓Play wizard for a day in Harry Potter Land


✓Play in snow on the Himalayas


✓Visit Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Golden Temple


✓Find a village where Muslims, Hindus & Sikhs live in harmony (Saidpur)


✓See the inside of a palace (Mohatta)


✓Eat dinner &  ride camels by the Arabian Sea


✓Attend an Easter service at Trinity Church & bring flowers to the homeless


✓Walk the Lettuce Lake Park Trail

✓Watch the sunrise on Safety Harbor Pier


✓Eat dinner at St. Pete Beach’s rotating rooftop restaurant

✓Climb ancient ruins in Mexico


✓Order the King Kong Sundae at The Sugar Factory

✓Eat dinner at the Seattle Space Needle


✓Walk the Cortney Campbell Causeway Bridge

✓Go boating in the Bahamas

✓Snorkle in Cozumel


✓Take a Royal Caribbean Cruise


✓Visit a Big Cat Sanctuary


✓Tour the Wall Street Journal Offices


✓Climb waterfalls in Jamaica

✓Swim in an infinity pool in Ochos Rios


✓The world’s longest zipline over water


✓Sunbathe on the beaches of Haiti


✓Overlook New York City from The Empire State Building & Top of the Rock


✓Travel by train


✓ Walk Brooklyn Bridge


✓Go swimming in Miami Beach

✓Visit Wynwood Walls


✓ See marine life at the largest aquarium on the Western Hemisphere


✓Go water biking on the Hillsborough River


✓Write on the “Before I Die…” Wall during St. Pete Art Festival


✓Take selfies with the characters at Disney Springs


✓Walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument & the White House


✓Drive a boat through Tampa Bay


✓Get caricatures drawn in Times Square


✓Parasail at Clearwater Beach

✓See a show on Broadway

✓Visit the southernmost point in the United States (Key West)


✓Pray at St. Patrick’s Cathedral


✓A moment of silence at the 9/11 Memorial

✓Watch sunset at Central Park

About Komal Junejo (30 Articles)
I am a 24-year-old Pakistani-American pursuing a career at the U.S. Department of State. I am currently studying for the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) in hopes of becoming a diplomat within the Public Diplomacy sector.

1 Comment on Bucket List because #Wanderlust

  1. I soooooo want to go to harry potter land lol

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