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I am a 24-year-old Pakistani-American pursuing a career at the U.S. Department of State. I am currently studying towards becoming a diplomat within the Public Diplomacy sector.

As an experienced multimedia journalist, it is one of my  career ambitions to streamline the way minorities are portrayed in the news. Media is a crucial educational tool, serving as a window to the world. I believe that a critical issue in society today is a concentration on inaccurate cultural stereotypes. We can’t expect the average American to be inclusive towards different cultures if their only exposure to diversity is tainted by negative connotations and generalizations.

Hope you enjoy my content, feel free to connect via Instagram & Twitter.

Xo, Komal

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Earned: B.S. in Journalism with concentration in International Development & Humanitarian Assistance: University of Florida Honors Program

Currently Enrolled: Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation: Project Management for the United Nations, Government & NGOs: New York University

Fun fact: In the past I have applied to pageants because they helped me confront my fear of public speaking. They worked! I even managed to win a few titles.

Miss Photogenic awarded by Miss VISA University of Florida

Miss Philanthropic awarded by the Miss India Florida

Miss Charitable, Miss Congeniality, Runner-up awarded by Miss Pakistan USA

Excited to say that I am officially competing in the Miss New York USA Beauty Pageant in January of 2019 (Sponsored by the Miss USA & Miss Universe Organization).